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Heat-Proof Germination Mat for Indoor Plants: Ideal for Propagation of Seedlings, Clones and Starting Growth

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The normal testing temperature is around 25-30 degrees, which is 10-20 degrees above room temperature. This is ideal for heating and maintaining warm environments, thereby promoting plant growth and increasing their survival rate.

Perfect for seed germination, reptile breeding and brewing.
Excellent for encouraging the germination of herbs and flower seeds for a quality vegetarian diet.

The heating wire is more robust, with a thicker multi-layer structure.
Ideal for temperature control in reptile breeding boxes and small animal enclosures.

    Instructions :

    • Place the heating pad on a solid surface with good drainage. Avoid contact with stagnant water.

    • Plug the heating pad into a standard 110/220 volt electrical outlet.

    • The heating pad design increases the rooting area appropriately, maintaining a temperature 10-20°C above room temperature.

    • Place the planting tray, pot or container on the heating pad.

    • To maintain warmer root temperatures, place the insulation pad on an insulated surface rather than cold ground.

    • Use a humidity dome to conserve humidity and speed up plant germination and rooting. Note: Do not immerse in water. Do not place the heat mat directly into the growing medium. Avoid placing it on objects that may damage the heating mat.


    • Rated voltage: 220V
    • Rated power: 7W/21W/45W
    • Size: S: 10x52.5cm, M: 25x52.5CM, L: 50x52CM
    • Thickness: 2-3mm
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