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The power of the aquarium in the waiting room: An oasis of calm for the well-being of patients

Posted by Petmonde Team on

An aquarium in a dentist's waiting room should not be seen as a mere decorative element. In fact, it plays a much deeper role in bringing significant benefits to patients who contemplate it.

Based on extensive research in the field, watching fish in a public aquarium has been shown to have noticeable beneficial effects on the physical and mental health of individuals. The results of these studies show that patients who take the time to immerse themselves in the aquatic world of fish experience an improvement in their general well-being. Just watching these creatures move about in their man-made habitat leads to increased morale, lower blood pressure, and lower heart rate.

Several factors explain these results. On the one hand, the presence of natural elements such as water and vegetation in the aquarium reminds our primitive instinct of our innate connection with nature. These natural components are closely linked to our survival and well-being, which triggers a positive reaction on our part (Hartig et al., 2003; Ulrich et al., 1991). In addition, the contemplation of moving fish in a calm and soothing environment helps to divert attention from negative or anxious thoughts, thus providing a mental refuge conducive to relaxation and relaxation.

It is also worth noting that the benefits of the aquarium are manifested from the first minutes. Even an aquarium without fish, with only water and marine decorations, is able to produce similar positive effects. This means that the mere presence of water and elements reminiscent of nature is enough to generate a feeling of calm and serenity in patients. These benefits are particularly important for those who do not have the possibility of regularly accessing vast natural spaces to recharge their batteries.

In the context of a dental waiting room, the aquarium proves to be a valuable asset. It creates a calming atmosphere, reducing the anxiety and stress often associated with dental visits. Patients who are welcomed in an environment where there is a calm and serene atmosphere are more inclined to relax and approach their consultation with a positive attitude. This can help improve their overall experience and receptivity to dental care, leading to more satisfying outcomes.

In conclusion, the aquarium in the dentist's waiting room is not limited to a simple decorative element. It offers real benefits in terms of the physical and mental well-being of patients. Its relaxing and soothing power creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and helps create a welcoming environment conducive to healing.



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