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10 leaves of terminalia catappa badamier natural bactericide improvement and maintenance of the quality and pH of aquarium water

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  • Material: natural leaf
  • Big size
  • Brown color
  • Weight: 50g, 50g=about 10 sheets
  • Effective aid and prevention of bacterial infections and infestations.
  • The most natural acid effect
  • Promotes the reproductive capacity of fish.
  • Helps control the spread of algae.

How to use:

  • This magic leaf can be placed in any filter, filtration system or water.
  • Replacement should be done every two weeks.
  • Note: the water after using the leaves is slightly acidic, yellowish in color.
  • Putting a sheet in 10-15 liters of water keeps fish active and healthy, and extends our water change cycle from one day to every 6-7 days. The leaves can be stored in water for 1 week.
  • The leaves can float in the aquarium to increase breeding frequency. Males like to build their bubble dens under dry leaves.
  • You can also use this leaf to treat bacterial infections. Crush a leaf in a small tank of about 1 L, changing the water every two days for sick fish. For a week maintain a temperature of about 28-29 degrees Celsius.
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