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Heating bulb for reptile turtle UVA UVB emission

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  • This lamp provides UVA/UVB rays and heat for reptiles, helping to create a healthy habitat for reptiles.
  • UVA and heat for thermoregulation: stimulates the natural effects of sunlight.
  • Provides essential UVB 3.0 and UVA rays for reptiles.


  • Item Size: 5x7.3cm
  • Item Weight: 40g
  • Power:

25w suitable for aquarium/tank length <50CM
50W suitable for aquarium/tank length <80CM
75W suitable for aquarium/tank length <100CM

  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Lamp base: E27

Ratings and Reviews:

  • Turn on the light for 2~4 hours a day.
  • Do not expose your reptiles (except water turtle) for long periods to radiation.
  • For the turtle, it will dive into the water if it is warm to regulate its temperature.
  • Do not put too close to your pets to avoid burns.
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