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Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1 Electronic Water Conditioner Algae Remover Pathogen Eliminator

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  • Inhibits and suppresses algae growth, promotes the growth of aquatic plants and protects fish and shrimp from germs and disease.
  • Constantly eliminates pathogenic bacteria and improves water quality and health of fish and shrimp.
  • CHIHIROS DOCTOR is simple to use, making the user experience easier by integrating the mode of operation for different volumes of aquarium water into a single device.
  • Covers up to 90% of aquarium sizes, reducing users' expenses and providing them with greater convenience in caring for their beloved aquariums.


      • Voltage: 200~240V 50/60Hz

      standard version:
      • Manual Touch Parameter Adjustment

      • For volume ranges: 0-60L / 60-90L / 90-120L / 120-150L / 150-200L / 200-250L / 250-300L / 300-500L / 500-700L

      Bluetooth connected version:

      • Automatic adjustment via Chihiros magic smartphone app
      • Capacity: 20-3000L
      • Enter your aquarium size in the app, you can also increase the TDS correction value to optimize the algorithm
      Inhibits green algae and promotes plant growth
      Inhibits the growth and reproduction of phytoplankton.
      Activates microelements to promote plant growth.
      Promoting plant growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize the ecosystem.

        Kills pathogenic bacteria
        Automatically kills pathogenic bacteria in water by direct and indirect disinfection, which greatly improves the survival rate of juvenile shrimp.

        Coexists with filter bacteria
        Compared with UV sterilizer, Chihiros DOCTOR does not work steadily, so regeneration and recovery of filter bacteria is fast.

        • The ALC program is an intelligent management algorithm
        • The operation changes according to the initial intensity, the average, the last stage and the level of sterilization.
        • The operation cycle is intelligently designed to change by time series and adapt to new water parameters obtained after the last operation.
        • The ALC program just can choose a mode according to the capacity of the aquarium, it is easy to operate.


          • Product is designed for freshwater use only, no use in saltwater aquariums, TDS of water should not exceed 500
          • It works automatically for 30 seconds every 15-20 minutes
          • Safe for shrimp, fish and aquarium plants
          • It is advisable to change the wick once every 6 months

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