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Filtration media 12 styles to choose from Substrate for internal/external filter

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Specifications :

  • Filtration media 12 different types to choose from
  • Color/shape: see pictures
  • Weight: 50g/250g/500g for choice


  • Activated carbon: water sterilization and purification, odor removal
  • Aerator rings: emit infrared rays to improve oxygen and nutrient uptake by aquarium creatures
  • Ammonia eliminators: their structure promotes the growth of biobacteria and allows the absorption of harmful substances
  • Coral sand: sourced from marine corals, it absorbs harmful bacteria and greatly promotes the growth of nitrobacteria
  • Maifan gravel: it is an ore close to volcanic rocks in constitution, can release oxygen, purify water and absorb chlorine and other toxic substances
  • Ceramic noodles: unique structure promoting the growth of nitrifying bacteria
  • Volcanic rocks: absorb toxic substances and heavy metals in the water with their special porous structure and stabilize the quality and pH of the water
  • Bacterial rings: the large number of micro-pores allows for larger colonies of biobacteria, which can break down nitrites and nitrates more quickly
  • Quartz balls: long-term pH stabilization, absorption of toxic factors
  • Porous biospheres: improve fish metabolism and facilitate the elimination of toxic substances in the body, increase the oxygen content and activate water molecules
  • Biochemical balls: Their porous structure provides a habitat for nitrobacteria. Improve filtration and therefore water quality
  • Nano-bacterial rings: their surface is covered with micro-pores for a higher colony density of nitrobacteria

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